Social Media Tips


How can you help promote yourself and the shows in which you are participating? GET SOCIAL! Experience has shown that no matter how much print, radio, TV and billboard exposure is used, social media continues to increase the targeted customers who are interested in buying your art. Your participation in the process expands the reach exponentially – beyond our actions from Splash or what paid social media ads can do. It costs you nothing, and the payoffs can be big!

What can you do?


Log onto Facebook for either Acworth Art Fest,  Dunwoody Art Festival, AlpharettaArtsStreetfest, Norcross Art Splash, or Johns Creek Arts Festival. These links will take you to their event pages. Click “Share” and “Share in Newsfeed”. In your status, tell your customers your booth number and something about your wonderful creations. 

When you’re posting on your own Facebook page, be sure to “Tag” the Facebook page of the festival by using the Tag Friends icon or bar. 



  • Be sure to follow @SplashFestivals


  • When you’re posting in Instagram, Share Your Posts on Facebook to increase your organic reach. You can publish the Instagram Post URL to Facebook by copying and pasting it on Facebook. Then, Delete the Instagram URL from your post and write your status update.


  • Or, you can use the Instagram Embed Code to Post on Facebook. Sometimes this increases your reach. You can also embed this post into your blog articles or website pages. Find the Instagram post you want to share and click the … icon in the lower-right corner to get the Instagram embed code. In the pop-up menu that appears, click Embed. You’ll then see the Embed code for the post. Click the green button to copy it. Now go to your Facebook page and paste the code in a new status update. Once the Instagram post renders, delete the embed code and compose your Facebook post text.


  • Or, you can use the Post to Facebook Option on Instagram by using the Automatic Post to Facebook Option when you create a new Instagram post. The downside is that you can’t schedule it and it will replicate the text of your Instagram post. Instagram posts are often written in a different style and use more hashtags than Facebook posts. Also, the page and people tags you use on Instagram won’t always work on Facebook.



Be sure to follow @SplashFestivals. When posting, tell your followers your booth number, what you’re selling and the date you’ll be at the festival. Use Hashtags #AcworthArtFest, #DunwoodyArtFestival, #ArtsStreetFest, #JohnsCreekArtsFestival, #NorcrossArtSplash, #SandySpringsFestival. For further reach, use hashtags #Artist #Festival #Art #Crafts #Fun #Handcrafted. No more than three tags are recommended, as you don’t want to be seen as SPAMMING.